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Always wanted to learn to fly?

At Xtreme Kites & Paddle we offer kiteboarding lessons of all ranges, beginner or advanced, child or adult. Port Lincoln has some of the best locations to learn to kite or to progress your current level. The crystal blue water and the stunning uncrowded beaches of the Eyre Peninsula will make your kiteboarding experience here unforgettable!

Our main coach Scott is a Level 2 Instructor and has been involved in the sport right from the beginning and has over 22 years of Kiteboarding experience. It is our passion and we want to share it, that is why we love teaching this great sport and our main aim is to make you an independent kiteboarder…

Never flown a kite or ridden a board before ? No problems we start you from scratch starting from flying a 2m Trainer kite , setting up the kiteboarding gear & safety aspects, flying in shallow clear waist deep water, body dragging through the water and then more tips to combine it all and ride the board. 

Are you ready to step into one of the fastest growing water sports? 

Learn to Kiteboard with us..
Are you a beginner?

No problems, our qualified instructors will guide and progress you safely into an independent kiteboarder in crystal clear waist deep waters. It generally takes 3-5 hrs to ride the board and generally 6-10 hrs to become an independent kite boarder. All equipment is included in our lessons.

Kiteboarding beginner lessons

2 hour land based Lesson
$190pp | or $130pp
with friend - 1 kite only

What you will be learning:

2 hour lesson is aimed at the student who wants to learn kiteboarding, which is fully land based, learning trainer kite flying for the first half hour, then advancing on to our larger kiteboarding kites.

We will teach you all the safety aspects, wind window, setting up, launching and landing, twisted line flying, feet dragging on sand, and one handed flying preparing you to enter the water for that next lesson.


3 hour land & water based
$275pp | or $200pp
with friend - 1 kite only

What you will be learning:

This involves the 2 hour lesson.. and adds body dragging upwind and down wind in the water with and without the board.

Relaunching the kite from the water, quick release and kite retrieval.

If you advance confidently enough you may gain a quick session trying to ride your board for the very first time. Everyone has different learning curves so if not you may be able to extend your lesson or book another to work on those board riding skills. 

Kiteboarding Intense lessons

5 hour intense lesson 
$450pp | or $310pp
with friend - 1 kite only

What you will be learning:

This lesson will involve all of the basics learnt in the 2 & 3 hr lessons plus more, split into two sessions with a short break in between.

It requires a good level of mental - physical fitness and commitment as the instructor will push you to make you a kiteboarder by the end of the session. Note-You may not become independent so could require more hours.

This 5 hour session is mainly aimed at learners visiting for one day.

Xtreme Kiteboarding tricks

Independent rider?
....have your own gear ?

Great we have an hourly rate for you...

1.5 hours for $115 pp

We offer intermediate / advanced lessons. Whether you want to boost your first jump, improve your wave riding or learn new freestyle tricks we can help you to push your limits.

The far end of the Eyre Peninsula offers a wide range of kiteboarding & kitesurfing spots which gives you an amazing opportunity to improve you riding abilities.

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