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Want to create a colourful festival!

Event Hire

Capture the crowds... attention

Giant Kites

Looking for that special touch to brighten up your festival, event, show or open day. 

We hire Bali Flags, Skydancers & Large Display Kites.

Check out our range or Contact Us for suggestions.

Bali Flag Decoration

Create a festive mood...

Xtreme Bali flags

At Xtreme Kites & Paddle we have up to 55 colourful 5m Bali flags of all different colours to choose from to create that amazing festive atmosphere. We supply the flag, poles & stakes. For delivery and installation please enquire for a quote.

  • Minimum 8 flags -$24 each

  • 8 to 15 flags -$22 each 

  • 16 to 30 flags -$20 each

  • 30 to 55 flags -$18 each


Brighten The Skies...

Xtreme Sky dancers

We also hire two 6m colourful Skydancers that will dazzle the kids or even an adult. Do you have a show/ festival or an event and want to grab the attention of any passer by, then these dazzling puppets are for you.

Can only be with any supervised hire you have booked by us.

  • Half Day -1 x Skydancer -$140  2x Skydancers -$255

  • Full Day -1 x Skydancer -$250  2x Skydancers -$365

  • Includes set up & pack down

Event Hire - Giant Kites, Flags & Sky Dancers

Display Kites

Be Bold, Draw A Crowd...

Want to grab some attention from far away ? Why not brighten up the skies with our 12m long three dimensional display kites , they can fly on the grass or up to 350 ft high and be seen from miles away.

Kites we have are -

Giants- Ray-Dragon-Tuna-Octopus-Humpback Whale-Cuttlefish-Whale Shark

Medium/small- Smiley face-Flying Pig-Fauchi mini dragons-Turtle & fish windsocks

Great for festivals & events , schools , kindergartens & open days.

On one line attached to a 4wd -

1 hr flight -$350 - 1 kite -$575 - 2 kites

2 hr flight-$650 - 1 kite -$875 - 2 kites

5 hr flight-$1250 -1 kite -$1475- 2 kites

8 hr flight-$1850 -1 kite -$2075-2 kites 

Request a quote for more kites rotating or to have more kites on more lines !

Note-Open spaces required such as ovals, large parks & beaches.

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