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Something to keep everyone busy

Want to grab some attention from far away ? Why not brighten up the skies with our 12m long three dimensional display kites , they can fly up to 350 feet high and be seen from miles away . We have many different shapes & sizes ! Great for festivals & events, shows ,schools , kindergartens & open days.

Display Kites

Be Bold, Draw A Crowd...

Huge dazzling giant three dimensional kites of all shapes & sizes!

Kites we have are -

Giants- Ray-Dragon-Tuna-Octopus-Humpback Whale-Cuttlefish-Whale Shark

Medium/small- Smiley face-Flying Pig-Fauchi mini dragons-Turtle & fish windsocks

Great for festivals & events , schools , kindergartens & open days.

On one line attached to a 4wd -

1 hr flight -$350 - 1 kite -$575 - 2 kites

2 hr flight-$650 - 1 kite -$875 - 2 kites

5 hr flight-$1250 -1 kite -$1475- 2 kites

8 hr flight-$1850 -1 kite -$2075-2 kites 

Request a quote for more kites rotating or to have more kites on more lines !

Note-Open spaces required such as ovals, large parks & beaches.

Kitemaking Workshops

Go fly a kite!

Workshops in kite making offer students learning opportunities within science, history, recreation, culture, art and develop concentration skills. Let’s not forget two of our main objectives, fitness and exercise. Nothing is more satisfying to us than to watch the student run around and fly their own little masterpiece. Whilst the children draw their designs on their kites i also take a talk into how i became addicted to kites at a young age and how my kites grew bigger and bigger into my giant display kites & kitesurfing kites. Hopefully by building their own kites this can inspire them to one day follow my passion

This activity last for about 1 hour and is recommended for ages 3 years – 12 years

Materials supplied in our workshops include one kite (Tyvek), x2 tails, 2mm-3mm fibreglass rods, tape , line on a plastic handle, pencils , textas & crayons.

Large Diamond Kites *Minimum group of 20 to run a workshop

  • $12 per student [under 50 students] (1 instructor)

  • $14 per student [over 50 students] (2 instructors)

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