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Ready for a World of laughs?

Welcome to Bubble Soccer! One of the funniest group activities you can find with laughter guaranteed! When you wear one of our bubbles, you are surrounded by an inflatable device that allows you to run, bounce, roll and spin, all whilst bumping into other bubbles.

It’s totally safe as the only part of your body out the bubble is your legs from the knees downwards. We cater for all ages as we have 3 different sizes of bubbles, so if your 4 years old or 74 years old we have you covered!

Bubble Soccer can be played on lawns , the beach, indoors on gym floors and even under lights in the evenings. With Xtreme Kites & Paddle you can choose to come to us or we can come straight to you.

Our two locations in Pt Lincoln are front beach lawns & Shaen St at O’Connor Reserve. But in any case we bring the equipment, staff and most importantly the bubble action fun to your location of choice! Whether it’s for parties (birthday, hens, bucks, social gathering), corporate (team building, events, end of the year functions) or school events (Incursions, P&C fundraising, Sports Day) we can kick start it with a bubble battle!

Play Bubble Soccer with us!

Other games that we can play in the Bubbles are – Redrover, forward & backrolls, smash ups, bubble pyramid and for the young ones, tubes or roll your bubble.

Not sure how many bubbles you may need or the time frame ..a typical game goes for 15 mins but don’t hesitate to call and ask our friendly staff for any further information. Looking for even more fun?

Combine it with Archery Tag / Zorb ball / Sumo suits. Call us for special combo enquiries, don’t worry we have you covered! Combine Bubble soccer with archery tag, ask us how.

6 Bubbles

  • $265 = 1 hr

  • $375 = 1.5 hrs

  • $499 = 2 hrs

  • $699 = 4 hrs

8 Bubbles

  • $365 = 1 hr

  • $475 = 1 .5 hr

  • $599 = 2 hrs

  • $799 = 4 hrs

10 Bubbles

  • $465 = 1 hr

  • $575 = 1 .5 hr

  • $699 = 2 hrs

  • $899 = 4 hrs

14 Bubbles

  • $775 = 1 .5 hr

  • $899 = 2 hrs

  • $1099 = 4 hrs

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