Surf & SUP Surfing

Surf & SUP Surfing

Life’s better when you surf!

Welcome to the Xtreme Kites & Paddle “Surf & Sup Surf Lessons“. Surfing is a way of life for a majority of the lucky people living in pristine Port Lincoln. Surfing and our surfing culture is not just a fad of the 20th century but is a culture that is thousands of years old.

Surfing lessons for all ages

Surfing lessons for all ages

You will learn to surf at the white sandy beaches of Eyre Peninsula that feature clear turquoise waters and super clean peeling waves.


2HRS –  Your 1st 2hr Introductory session into surfing is designed to educate you about surf , safety, board design, how the surfboard works in the water, board control, negotiating waves and rips, paddling, standing technique and catching waves.

4HRS –  Your second 2hr session intro to surfing is designed to cover all of the above but also to start to concentrate more on wave negotiation, board trimming, basic turns and catching cleaner unbroken waves.

Surfing Prices:

PRICES –  (minimum of 4 to run a class)

Child Adult
2hr session $55 $70
4hr session $100 $130

PRIVATE LESSONS – (minimum of 2 people)

Child Adult
2hr session $115 $125

Surf & SUP Combo Prices:

Time Per Person Combo Rates 
Minimum 4 or a family group
2.5 hour $125 per Adult 1 hr of SUP 1.5 of Surfing
2.5 hour $80 per Child 1 hr of SUP 1.5 of Surfing

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Frequently asked questions about Surfing

Is Surfing lessons safe?

We take pride in teaching surfing the safest possible way. All of our instructors are fully qualified surf instructors and trained surf lifesavers.

We use the best equipment available, soft foam Surfboard and we can provide a wetsuit or rashie to protect you from the elements.

We always have a first aid kit and mobile phone on the beach for every lesson. 

Is learning to SURF hard?

With experienced surf instructors we use the best equipment & safe teaching practices. 90% of our students stand up and ride the waves in their first lesson. It’s really easy and fun for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.