Skate & Street SUP



The Skate evolution is here

Street SUP or Land paddling started out with a long skateboard created by surfers with a desire to ride the pavement with the same sensation of riding a wave. When SUP hit the shores of Hawaii it wasn’t long until the SUP paddle was exchanged with a land paddle (Kahuna stick) and combined with a longboard became Street SUP.

Street SUP is now one of the fastest growing forms of skate in the world, not only for surfers but also for everyone wanting an insane upper & lower body workout but with a total control & the smoothest ride on land that you will ever feel. You will be hooked.

At Xtreme Kites & Paddle we can combine Street SUP & Electric skateboards to any activity you book with us.

Ask our friendly team for info and weekly demo’s today or drop into the shop to check out our huge range of Koastal and Kahuna street sup gear.


Get fiked!

Australia’s Quinn brothers had a dream to revolutionise skateboards and they did. They introduced electric skateboards with amazing results!!! From the dirt whirling “BIG DADDY” and smooth “STREET SURFER”  to the ultimate street cruiser “THE DIVISION” they have designed a board to suit everyone. Engineered to premium quality, FIK boards exceed extreme performance standards.

They have exclusively designed lithium / polymer (lifepo4) battery packs, step less digital throttle, anti lock breaking, LED safety lighting and heaps of other system and performance features. Whether you just ride to the beach for a surf check, head out to off road dirt or stick to hard surface speed styling around the neighborhood there’s a FIK electric skateboard matched perfectly for you and your style!!!


Scoot da boot

Sick of your small two-wheeled scooter that gets stuck in the dirt or sends you over the handle bars when you hit a rock then its time to upgrade and go off road with Royal Scooters.

More tyre, more brake, stronger forks, more deck and world class bearings and hubs = more airtime!!!

That’s right get off road down & dirty with Royal scooters at Xtreme Kites & Paddle.


Get ready to strap in for the downhill ride of your life!! Grab some air ! Braked, non-braked, strapless or even with a kite. MBS have a board to suit you. Mountain boarding is just taking off worldwide & fast becoming an xtreme sport of the future.

We have so many downhill tracks on Eyre Peninsula it’s hard to choose which one to go hit. Grab your board and hit the hills today !


The basic idea is that you tension a length of webbing between two points and balance on it. Sounds pretty simple but what happens when you do this is really quite amazing.Slacklining is very different from tight rope walking in that the line is not rigidly taut, it is dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a huge rubber band, it kind of a cross between a tight rope and a trampoline! The lines tension can be adjusted to suit the user, and every line that you set up, can have a different height, length and tension. The line itself is flat, which keeps your foot from rolling off, as would be the case with an ordinary rope. The dynamic nature of the slackline is what makes it unique, in that you can do tricks and stunts, the line is totally responsive to your body.