Kite Making for kids

Kite making for kids & School workshops

School Kite Making workshop

School Kite Making workshop


Workshops in kite making offer students learning opportunities within science, history, recreation, culture, art and develop concentration skills. Let’s not forget two of our main objectives, fitness and exercise. Nothing is more satisfying to us than to watch the student run around and fly their own little masterpiece. Recommended for ages 3 years – 12 years

We have several school kite making kites to choose from but the ones that we suggest and that we find to be the easiest for the children to work with are our Mini and Large Diamond Kites.
These are simple and have plenty of space for artwork to be constructed upon.
The sizes for these kites are:

  • Mini – 30cm x 40cm
  • Large – 62cm x 62cm

Materials supplied in our workshops include one kite (Tyvek), x2 tails, 2mm-3mm fibreglass rods, tape and line on a plastic handle. Art utensils (pencils, paints, crayons etc.) are not supplied, but are necessary for the workshops.

Crusty the Clown visits schools

Crusty the Clown visits schools

Our workshops are run by 4 X South Australian Women’s kiteboarding champion Jacqui Hockaday, who will not only help the students create their masterpieces, but also give an inspirational talk and encourage the students to “BE ACTIVE” in life.

Kite making workshop prices (min 15 students/max 160)

  • Mini Diamond – $10 per student (under 50 students) – $8 per student (over 50 students)
  • Large Diamond-$13 per student (under 50 students) – $11 per student (over 50 students)


Price: $120 (with kite making workshops)

To add a little comedy and excitement to our kids kite making workshops we offer “CRUSTY” the clown. Crusty will run the workshop, joke perform tricks, play around and entertain the children while flying their specially created kites. Crusty adds that special memory for the children and that extra bit of bright colour and everyone knows …