Kiteboarding lessons

Xtreme Kites & Paddle conduct a wide range of Kiteboarding lessons from beginners/introductory to Advanced with all gear supplied for the lessons. Book with a friend and SAVE!


2 hour land based Kiteboarding Lesson

One on One $180 per person / With a friend – $ 160 per person

2 hour lesson is aimed at the learner who wants to learn kiteboarding, which is fully land based, learning trainer kite flying for the first half hour, then advancing on to our larger kiteboarding kites learning all safety aspects, wind window, setting up, launching and landing, twisted line flying, dragging on sand, and one handed flying preparing you to enter the water for that next lesson.

Kiteboarding Lessons

3 hour land and water based Kiteboarding Lesson

One on One $260 per person / With a friend – $ 240 per person

This involves the 2 hour lesson and also dragging upwind and down wind in the water with and without the board, relaunching the kite from the water, quick release and kite retrieval, and if you advance confidently enough you may gain a quick session trying to ride your board for the very first time.


4.5 hour intense lesson – $400 riding on board guaranteed

This lesson will involve all of the above, split into 2 sessions with a break in between.
It requires a good level of fitness and commitment as the instructor will push you to make you a kiteboarder by the end of the session.


Advanced lessons $80 per person per hour

These lessons are aimed at kiteboarders who want to learn anything from toeside riding to f16’s.
We also offer surf riding clinics in small to large waves.

Xtreme Kites & Paddle consists of 3 kiteboarding instructors which enables us to make group, family and corporate bookings on request. Contact Us….